Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PYT Round 3

Wow. While I love that these ladies joined us, the following beginner work is NOT beginner work. Hope that next time these two join us in the intermediate groups so we can get some of their work! Hope you enjoy the pictures but I can assure you, they do not do the LOs justice. Keep checking back, as I'll be updating as I receive more.


Graduation, Artist: TMarieThomas

Wedding, artist: TMarieThomas

BoldZoo, artist: Playtime

Night on the Town, artist: mopster67

My favorite thing: scrapbooking!, artist: Teensiebaby

Furbabies, artist: Teensiebaby, NOTE: these are two single LOs

Love, artist: Teensiebaby

Siblings, artist: KarelJCreations

Advanced:Who I Am, artist: mopster67

bubbles, artist: mopster67


  1. Hi Miranda, thought I'd come over to your blog for a wee visit. Thank you so much for you lovely kind comments on my blog. I only started doing it at the end of August and am amazed at how addicted I've become already!! By the way, what are furbabies?!!!

    By the way, you asked where we had gone to swim with the dolphins? Well it was in Discovery Cove in Florida. It was the highlight of the holiday for me - and the holiday was just cram packed with highlights. You spend the day in the different swimming areas and swim with loads of tropical fish and rays too. It's just a fantastic day out. Not the cheapest but worth it for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  2. Great to see the LO's and great LO's too.