Friday, January 2, 2009

Baby month-by-month

Happy friggin' New Year!!! Okay so I'm a bit moody because my husband is blaring music as he lays new tile in our kitchen. He always does that when he's annoyed (blaring music not laying tile ;-)). The picture above is our recovery picture from the New Years party we went to. He was hiding from the camera as usual. Anyway, on to the swap!

Below are pictures of my submissions for the Baby Month to Month swap on the Cricut MB hosted by LesleyanneBanks. Mine are two months and they have to be gender neutral. The pictures suck and probably because my camera sucks so bare with me. All of the paper is MME Bohemia. I used HA for "love", GP for "smile", ZB for "two", and DT for "that" and "months". I'm tired after just saying all that. At the bottom of each corner is a 3d cut out from another page. Kaiser pearls in pewter below the photo mats (double of course). "Smile" is also 3d. I think that's it for details. I hope you like them!

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  1. Very nice layouts!! I love how the challenge of neutral colors is turning out. Can't wait for the swap.