Sunday, January 11, 2009

My submissions for PYT round 3

Here is my submission for intermediate group 3. It blends a lot more than I thought it would but I wanted to try a technique I hadn't tried before. It is much simpler than what I regularly do but that also is part of the design. The colors will be different for each one. You can't see it very good, but on this background paper (the yellow one) and of course on the ones to follow, there are squiggly accent lines around the edges, which again, I had not done before. The font is Pooh, which I'm loving. And the cooking stickers are We R Memory Keepers embossed. I don't use a lot of stickers but really love this line. Hope you like! Oh, and please ignore the mess. I seriously am going to start cleaning it tonight!

This is my submission for the advanced group. It was my first try at an advanced LO. It turned out "okay" but not as nice as the idea in my head! This is also the least pretty of them as this was kinda my practice page (don't worry.. I'm keeping it..LOL). The theme is aquarium and the title is "Ocean Wonders." Most of the paper is DCWV and the rest I have no idea. MS glitter on the sand dollar and kaiser pearls in the oyster. Paper piercing includes seafoam eyelets from MM, yellow fasteners, and the hand sewn jellyfish with MS vellum. The photo mats were distressed (quite stress relieving actually) and then dyed in MM naked line tropical dyes in hibiscus (though they turned out more pink to me). You can't really see the octopus too good but I used googly eyes (LOVE GOOGLY EYES!!) and little adhesive gems on the tentacles with pearl paint accents up the arms. With the sea horses, I hand painted bubbles for the small sea horse and for the big one I debossed a few bubbles and then added MM page pebbles for some as well. As for cuts: Zooballoo was used for the title and the octupus. Every other cut is from Dreams Come True. Never thought I would need a licensed cartbut that thing has TONS of cute extras! And as a side note, several things on the page are accented with pearl paint. I love pearl paint.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PYT Round 3

Wow. While I love that these ladies joined us, the following beginner work is NOT beginner work. Hope that next time these two join us in the intermediate groups so we can get some of their work! Hope you enjoy the pictures but I can assure you, they do not do the LOs justice. Keep checking back, as I'll be updating as I receive more.


Graduation, Artist: TMarieThomas

Wedding, artist: TMarieThomas

BoldZoo, artist: Playtime

Night on the Town, artist: mopster67

My favorite thing: scrapbooking!, artist: Teensiebaby

Furbabies, artist: Teensiebaby, NOTE: these are two single LOs

Love, artist: Teensiebaby

Siblings, artist: KarelJCreations

Advanced:Who I Am, artist: mopster67

bubbles, artist: mopster67

Saturday, January 3, 2009

OMG.. mopster67 RAKed me

So my friend Shelia on the Cricut MB (aka mopster67) made an insanely beautiful LO for me. Not only is it gorgeous, but it was SOO incredibly sweet of her. I cried when I saw it. And of course had to wake Jimi up to tell him about it! His words when he saw it were, "Wow." That's it. If you knew Jimi, him being speechless is hard to do ;-P. So TY TY TY Shelia a thousand times over!
I was blessed with just the best group of ladies to swap with. I couldn't have asked to make better friends and only wish we all lived closer together so we could scrap in person! Thank you to all of you who have sent me RAKs. You are wonderful!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Baby month-by-month

Happy friggin' New Year!!! Okay so I'm a bit moody because my husband is blaring music as he lays new tile in our kitchen. He always does that when he's annoyed (blaring music not laying tile ;-)). The picture above is our recovery picture from the New Years party we went to. He was hiding from the camera as usual. Anyway, on to the swap!

Below are pictures of my submissions for the Baby Month to Month swap on the Cricut MB hosted by LesleyanneBanks. Mine are two months and they have to be gender neutral. The pictures suck and probably because my camera sucks so bare with me. All of the paper is MME Bohemia. I used HA for "love", GP for "smile", ZB for "two", and DT for "that" and "months". I'm tired after just saying all that. At the bottom of each corner is a 3d cut out from another page. Kaiser pearls in pewter below the photo mats (double of course). "Smile" is also 3d. I think that's it for details. I hope you like them!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December SAC

As some of you may know, every month I participate in the swap a crop (SAC) on the Cricut MB. Here is my creation for my partner this month.

I haven't received mine yet (oh, the excitement) but as soon as I do, I'll post it here!

Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year everyone! Have a blessed start to 2009!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Welcome to my blog! I'm new to blogspot so bare with me as I learn. I've set this up mainly so the people on the Cricut MB who are in my Pick your theme swaps can see pictures of what to expect within each level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Please bare in mind that none of these layouts are my work but work of the dear members in the swaps. Below is a brief description of each level with pictures to follow.

Beginner: single sheet background, 3 or less embellishments, usually single matted
artist: TinaScott

artist: TMarieThomas

Intermediate: 2-3 sheets for background paper 4-7 embellishments or techniques used, double matted.
artist: CrystalJames

artist: kareljcreations aka: flamingoteaser

artist: RueRue

artist: CaLisa

Advanced- 3+ sheets background, 7+ embellishments/techniques, double or triple matte

artist: Ilovemylilbug, for more of her great work visit her blog at:

artist: Syd_vicious

artist: teeseluvs2scrap

artist: conniecordova

Embellishments include: buttons, brads, ribbon, cricut cuts (title does not count), eyelets, gems, flowers, etc. Each item counts as 1 (4 buttons and 2 brads count as 2 embellishments).

Techniques: distressed, embossed, tearing, paper piercing, stickles, etc.

Last but not least: Please understand that the descriptions and pictures are just examples. It's not always going to match perfectly and I don't want it to. Use your creativity and express yourself, you're the only one that can bring that to this swap. The descriptions and pictures are just to ensure that your level of work is equal to those in your group. Thanks so much for signing up and enjoy!